teen and dollar signs

REAL LIFE 360 is a program for high school students.  We pay teens to work and pay them to learn entrepreneurship by sponsoring clubs in targeted neighborhoods. Students... 

  • Develop business, marketing, social networking, and public relations skills while learning hands-on landscaping skills.  
  • Are required to attend math, science and reading classes that serve to reinforce the hands-on lessons being taught.  
  • Encourage members of the community and organizations to pledge money for every lawn groomed and nominate community members' yards and vacant lots for beautification.  
  • Utilize the REAL LIFE 360 website and social media pages to market the program and provide photos and videos as documentation of improvements.  
  • Have an opportunity to receive college scholarships, compete for small business start-up funding, receive mentoring from city business leaders, receive tutoring and homework help, enjoy field trips, and much more!
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