boy cutting treeReal Life 360 is a subsidiary of DVI Opportunities Unlimited (DVIOU), a 501(c)3 nonprofit agency providing entrepreneurship programs for high school youth in the Greater Houston, Texas area. Real Life 360's goal is to foster a commitment to teens that will develop business and marketing skills, a sense of community service, strong interpersonal and team-building skills, and reinforce math, science, reading skills and financial literacy as educational enhancement. Teens will meet these goals by joining Real Life 360 clubs in targeted neighborhoods. These clubs will initially operate landscaping companies as their business vehicles. They will also provide landscaping for elderly and disabled members of the community, completely free of charge.  Our mission is Education, Entrepreneurship and Community Service.

teens in classDVIOU forms mentoring partnerships with local businesses, schools, community groups, and religious organizations to work to accomplish key goals. These goals include making noticeable improvements in the appearance of local neighborhoods plagued by urban blight. This will eventually increase the availability of affordable housing, encourage homeownership and lead to greater neighborhood stability. All this is accomplished while helping young people make quantifiable strides in their educational development. Real Life 360. We pay teens to work. We pay teens to learn.